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Photography club of Assam
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  • Himangshu Lahkar

    Photography By

    Himangshu Lahkar

  • Haren Gogoi

    Photography By

    Haren Gogoi

  • Debasis Gogoi

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    Debasis Gogoi

  • Pallav Gogoi

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    Pallav Gogoi

  • Akashdeep Goswami

    Photography By

    Akashdeep Goswami

  • Dipankar Bordoloi

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    Dipankar Bordoloi

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Whats New
  • "POHAR" - The Assam Photography Convention 2014

    22nd to 24th of August 2014

  • "POHAR" - The Assam Photography Convention 2013

    18th-20th August,2013

  • Spring Summer Photography Festival

    2nd to 4th May, 2013

  • Annual Awards Day

    30th December 2012

  • Exhibition cum Workshop

    19th to 23rd August 2012

Welcome to Photography Club of Assam
Photography- PCA- "The Home of Photographers & All Art Lovers. " An Art which not only acts an a document but also capturing the best of time. Assam has always been rich in its resources in various aspects and we through this club aim to present its so very rich subjects in the best possible manner to the world.

Moreover through this club we all members aim to promote better photography through training, workshops, exhibitions, Pictorial books and the like.


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